Ikon exhibition – Zilvinas Kempinas 

I visited the Ikon in Birmingham  gallery – Zilvinas Kempinas installations were particularly fab  – there were 3 rooms to walk through, 2 felt like they could be migraine inducing with flickering lights and fluttering tapes that disturbed my periferal vision. Inspite of this I liked the atmosphere and being led through paths created by tape and wire. 
 Room 1 

was light with white wires strung from floor to ceiling whilst tree shadows were projected at 360 degrees around the space -it reminded me of as trees moving in the wind and of driving on a tree lined road in winter with the sun low on the horizon 
Room 3 was dark , it had large lit discs that evoked moons on the walls made of resin and aluminium – video tape was suspended from the ceiling and fanned to create movement. These led to a horizontal striped image that could have been made up of more tape – the flickering in this room was created by the suspended tape and the horizontal wall 

Room two had two large black discs on the floor that held water and ball bearings – the ball bearings moved slowly and were mesmerising 

In the centre was another circle in which a circular piece of tape writhed and twisted fanned from above – again it was difficult to walk away – the tape lurched unerringly towards me a few times so that I had to step back 
The rooms had a cohesive feel with the repetition of circles , flickering and movement 



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