Altered books 

I have been altering old books and preparing backgrounds in them to use as art journals. I like the way drawing and painting ontop of text can disrupt the images and add texture. 


A front cover   

Initially it was scary damaging books – I kept thinking about how my Mum would say – don’t draw on books or rip the pages – look after them – I am not sure if she would be horrified or not 

Recently I have been ripping and folding pages, layering them to create  sculptural effects when you flick through the book.

I have been obsessed with stripes over the summer and have been adding these over the top of doodled backgrounds. 

I also smear left over paint and glue extra pages from other books to created different textures to work on top of 

On holiday this year I picked up some French language books and magazines so I made a series of spreads in French – this lead to random word pages and more and more layers

Which is not helped by being posted on here upside down 


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