Edinburgh castle 

I wanted to have a go at ‘doing’ Edinburgh castle in a similar style to my tree from the other week. It was much more difficult adding black and white to the paper and swirling it around with the blue and green 


Last time I messed about with paint under the stripes to get the shape of the trees- I am obsessed with finding strips of paper that match my colour schemes at the moment- so the stripes went on first this time.

I was a bit scared about how to proceed with the next stage so I printed out a couple of copies to try 

Here’s a doodle version – gotta be brave and get acrylic  paint out on top of the other one. It’s too easy doodling – however I don’t think work would have approved of me painting all over the desk whilst answering the phone and using a mouse . 

   Having a go at painting some photocopies of my castle – I am pleased with the sky  – but the colours are so off the originals I gotta be brave and paint on them now. 

I quite like this one with just the outline of the castle drawn with a stick 


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