My objects

I have been thinking about objects and what I remember about them over the years, I wrote a list if things recently here they are

Rabbit -bought by my aunt before I was born called peter strange shape big head and tail tended to drop off got ew eyes and tail sewed on for my brother being born, I hated the button eyes . He had square yellow foam that kept coming out of the hole where his tail should have been
mrs Tiggywinkle record
Peter Rabbit song
The bald twit lion
Wooden chicken thing
Orange Habitat light
Dad’s Racing bike
Brown gingham dress with daisies
Pink dressing gown when I had chicken pox
Mums ceramic jars with the silver rim
Red javelin jacket and yellow wellies 1977
Play deck sandals
Red kicker boots
Monkey boots
Chanel No5
Red plastic hair clips
Blue Parker pen
Silver foot necklace
dark side of the moon
Red tricycle
Mums red coat
Bags of farm buildings in a net bag
Stamp hinges
Crotchet hook
Granny square
Blue John necklace
Red bubble car
Army jacket
Flouresent pink fingerless gloves
My 6th form sketch books
Grandad’s tins
A safety pin – punk
Sewing box homemade picnic basket
Swallows and amazons
Caravan in crickieth
A fossil- sailing, Godwins ( the name of the house I grew up in) had a gravel path path and Alm bay
Hilman super minx estate
Little Spanish boat
Red swimming costume with White stars
Swimming badges
Aran sweaters – holiday with Dad in France Chris Worallo and now
Skipping hoop
Marbles kissing boys
Large log kidding boys
the apple tree in South Ave
Ginger tabby cat
Black flared velvet trousers
Green tights
Rotring pen
Slide rule
Scientific calculator
Pair of glasses
Persian carpet
Food processor 1950’s
Vacuum cleaner
Glass bottles Blewbury
The Carpenters
Yellow brick road, the wizard of Oz and Elton John
Red shoes fairy tales Dorothy
Christmas with Mum book

Spike Milligan silly verses for kids.

Doodling with Ben

Wedding dress

My picture of Charlie Holly South of France
My painting of Holly
A teddy bear
Taffy the dog
Amstrad word processor
Floppy disc
My first mobile phone
Pair of black leggings
A sharpie pen
Deb’s meditation hut
Frankincense and myrrh candles
A second hand bead
Toilet roll centres a blue peter badge
Comic book pictures
Goose feather down pillow


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