200 Objects from Edinburgh

This is another post i wrote up and didn’t post til now
‘I went to see Mark Dion’s exhibition if 200 objects from the Edinburgh Hospital. I was fascinated by the objects and the stories that belong to each object. I was disappointed by the execution of the display.The objects and their stories were fabulous, Dion had chosen one item or group of items to represent the 200 years of the hospitals history. The objects were all displayed in a cabinet of curiosities style, the room in the Talbert Rice Gallery, it is a huge room and there is low lighighting, I don’t know if this is deliberate to preserve some things but I was very disappointed, I visited Grayson Perry’s objects at the British museum and there was a dynamism and fluidity about that that was exciting. Here the stories were separate from the objects
drily presented in a little book.

I would have loved to walk through the objects, facsimiles could have been handled , stories celebrated and the display erected with a more 3D use of space so that items were viewed from different angles not just face on in a display case



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