Sara Barker -‘Change the Setting ‘

Sara Barker has an exhibitor ion on at the Fruit Market Gallery in Edinburgh 

I enjoyed this exhibition very much , it was a sunny day and the building added all sorts of reflections , shadows and shapes to the work. 

I made notes when I listened to the video that accompanied the exhibit 

‘How objects change one another – old objects new objects sculpture making something new 

Sculptural forms that behaved in a way that is – human vulnerable visceral  or flat and 3D 

She uses a palette based on colours from her home the Isle of Man – she makes big gestural marks -transcluscent 

Suggestion of space 


Cutting up and reinforcement 

Thinking through making 

Large painted surfaces

Metal out crops 

Sculpture painter architect 

Mechanisms of deconstruction visible 

Not trying to hide 

Not a craftsmen 

Forms project through 


Liminal space 

Move see different things 



See through 



Create an environment 

Tell a story 

Tone setter 



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