The weight of others

I have been struggling to find a way of sealing photocopies of my doodles – I have spent an arm and a leg on expensive varnishes and spray sealant only to find by accident that gesso does the trick!

The document journal prompt this week was ( work over the top of something good – I have been obsessed with doodling on security envelopes and had made a couple of mandala. I fancied having a go at Lorraine Bells approach of painting a face over the top of something (

So I took my photocopy -that I had printed for something else and covered it with cheap white gesso


I drew a face shape and painted it with white acrylic and then drew on top of that in a Stabillo water soluble crayon
The hair was too thin so I added water and dripped the pencil down the page


I borrowed the inspiration for my face from ‘Swoon’ I like the energetic way she draws and want to sort out a way of drawing faces that is mine and not too cute – but that I can reproduce for journaling


I wanted a slightly bashed face to represent the words ‘ The stuff of others carries often an enormous weight I think which we only recognise as such once it’s passed.’ A friend said this to me this week



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