Walking Edinburgh 

I walk through the centre of Edinburgh every week on my way to work as a voluntary receptionist. The sunshines regularly and I look for different ways of recording the city in the light. This morning I decided to stop every time I crossed a road and take a picture looking down the road to the right . 

I walk up hill from Newtown to the Royal Mile. Even after 2 years I feel disorientated that I am not walking North , the sun should give it away but my body still thinks otherwise. It is chilly but not cold the buildings obscure lots of the sun and I have to change the exposure of my images so that the shadows are not too dark. 

After the royal mile I continue to walk up to the University buildings and then down towards the Meadows. 

 Looking at the images and architecture I notice red cars, an old type telephone box and then the trees and shadows. If I took this picture walking to work in Oxfordshire,  it would be all post 1950’s residential buildings and big skies.   

This is very nearly my walk using Google Maps

I decided that it would be fun to do a series of these – today I walked up the hill taking pictures on the left before I crossed the road 

  It’s interesting this view isn’t quite so green 

Love I loved the picture I took walking infront of the national gallery across the railway lines- very atmospheric 


I have been making a large piece that I called ‘Edinburgh in the rain’ when I got home this afternoon the sun was shining on it and I decided to play with my iPhone Apps and my walking photographs – the Diana App allows you to overlay 2 imagesand play with a series of filters. I like the way the stripes interact with the silhouettes . 


I decided to do a series of pictures of my walk – it helps with the boredom …..lol! 



Below is not the same walk but it was so beautiful the other evening I couldn’t not include these in the series