Grey and white boroinspired

I bought some yellow cushions to go on my grey sofa – daughter hates them – so I decided to make some boroinspired covers in grey after a friend gave me an old pair of jeans to work with.

I made the first cover very simply joining the grey panels together with 5 rows of running stitch.

One pair of jeans was not enough fabric to make 2 covers for the size of my cushion pads. I found some more jeans and a couple of grey shirts at thrift stores.

Two layers of jeans is quite hard on my hands to sew through – but I am making the design using patches again so at least my fingers get a break regularly

My design so far

I enjoyed sewing this but had to go much slower than usual because the thickness of the fabric made my hands ache. I finally finished it this week


Crochet succulents – Tess design 

Because of my dyslexia I can’t read patterns so I have to make crochet stuff  up as I go a long –  my hubbies office at work doesn’t have enough natural light to keep real plants so I decided to have a go at making some succulents. 

A friend asked how I made them so I broke down the stages in pictures and text. I do it  intuitively , so  I can’t tell you exactly how I make them because my learning disabilities make it difficult to translate into individual stitches and numbers 

Below are the instructions for the red and green one 

100 chain 

Then treble in each chain  2 in every other stitch 

To make the leaves 

Third row 

I have made little bumps of 6 chain and 3 double crotchet in between make 6 leaves 

Next set of leaves  make  the gaps 4 double crochet – and the leaves are half treble , treble , halftreble make about 4 

Then make 4 leaves a bit bigger half treble , treble , 6 chain, treble in the same stitch, half treble 

– it’s important to roll the strip up every so often to check and see how the design is working 

about a third the way along the third row – stop making leaves 

Double crotchet , Half treble , treble to the end of the row 

Cut wool and darn in the end

Return to the start of the line of trebles and start making larger leaves 

– I have added an extra stitch to a treble – not sure what it is called but it’s just another wrap of wool around the hook at the beginning – I am going to call them a Quad from here on 

Make 4 medium leaves – double crochet, half treble , treble , quad , 2 chain , quad in the same stitch , treble , half treble,  double crotchet – 4 more double crotchet make new leaf 

Make a large leaf  -double crochet, half treble , treble , quad , quad, 6 chain , quad in the same stitch , quad , treble , half treble double crotchet – 5 more double crochet make new leaf 

Continue making large leaves until the end – gradually build up to 7 double crochets in between each leaf 

If you want to make an all green plant make half treble into the last stitch – half treble in each stitch of all the large leaves – add 6 chain at each leaf tip

I changed to red at the above stage to add contrast to my design 

When you get to the medium leaves change to double crochet instead of half treble 

When you get to the tiny first leaves finish off the red wool and darn in the end

I added a red stitch with a needle to the top of each small leaf 

Roll the strip of crochet and start stitching the bottom of the roll with green wool to hold it into place – you may have to stretch or gather the leaves a bit to get them fitting in the spaces made by the double crochet 

Carry on rolling and stitching to firmly hold into place – stitch the end of the roll to the body of the plant – I tend to do it by sight so that the plant looks a good shape 

Finished design 

Doodling flowers 

I am regularly asked how I start my doodles so I decided to break down the process into small stages here 

I start with some sort of a circle 

Then I build up the design – breaking the circumference into small repetitive shapes. I use the same ones in lots of different combinations to make different designs 

Flowers petals are usually odd numbers but I don’t let that bother me at this stage 

I go round the circles making the designs more complicated – building up the layers of pattern 

I felt the the two on the left needed more in the middle so I went back to the centres 

Here are two flowers with external petals added 

I never do exactly the same design -but keep added more layers until I fill the page with my design. Here are two flowers similar to the pink and white designs above with extra layers added