Kilgreggan , Gourlock  and the Clyde Estuary , via a self portrait 

There  are lots of windows and mirrors in the Airbnb. Reflections of a lamp in the bedroom caught my eye. So I had fun layering it in Image Blender and Prisma to create a self portrait 

Today we went over the estuary in a little ferry to Gourlock for coffee ( black Americano 6/10 , hot chocolate 2/10 ) the Victorian pier at Kilcraggen  attracted my attention so I played with my images of that too 

A mandala had to be added in the mix of course.

The train station at Gourlock is all new and shiny. 

They have an interesting exhibition of old photos and railway posters on a couple of walls that celebrate old paddle steamers and  Gourlock’s importance during WW2 as an international naval base. 

I only got one good photo because there was lots of reflections and shadows from the new architecture. This map  illustrates how it is possible to see Bute and Arran from the sitting room at Kilcraggen. Slightly different light from yesterday 

The light changing on the same view last night whilst I was sitting on the sofa 



Talking to my 23yr old self

I have a self portrait that I drew when I was 23 that I am using a lot at the moment in my journalling. It was not quite accurate at the time – my eyes are too close together and a they stare rather alarmingly .

I am vain enough not to want to use my 53yr old one – and there is something about that image that I like.

My daughter is 23yrs at the moment – the parallels between our lives are different and similar – we are/ were both setting out after university in our first jobs – I can remember being 23yrs old quite clearly , it seems strange thinking that this is where she is at.

There are more parallels with my life then and now

Then – I had just moved up to Newcastle upon Tyne – which is a northern city with lots of beaches near by.

Now I am North in Scotland , in Edinburgh a city which has lots of beaches near by

I had to get used to new people, make new friends , get used to a new accent

Jon and I went to the Tyneside cinema and watched lots of films in French about french detectives

Jon and I are watching Spiral the TV series

I was doing lots of art

I hadn’t had babies, or got married , or been ill, but I felt strong and confident in my skills.