Daisy Yellow’s icad

Every June and July Daisy Yellow/ Tammy Garcia / gypsy999 posts 61 prompts for you to follow. The suggestion is that you make small index card pieces. This year I am enjoying the digital collages so much I am continuing with those.

The first week of prompts are all about fairgrounds:

Roller coaster



Ferris Wheel

Queue/ line


Haunted house

I am having great fun blending using image blender, using found images (some from the internet ) and adding cutouts using the Freemix App.


More intuitive collages – Freemix App

I am really enjoying working with the Freemix App but I wish there was a search button on the cutout images because it makes my eyes go funny searching through the database – I shouldn’t complain really because it is free!!!! I am also a bimbo because the images are sorted into different types – I just had it on ‘random’ search 😂😂😂😂

More of my collages using Shelley Klammer’ s prompts – I am getting a bit more sophisticated………

The App allows you to choose backgrounds or import pictures

And then add cutouts which you can layer at will – there are lots of filters and tools – my fingers are a bit fat get the most out of everything on my phone. (I am not getting paid to do any advertising ) but it is a great find

And I’ve gone off at a tangent….

Suddenly – just like that, it’s all about chimneys and architecture ……

And then – I am spending ages on my iPhone layering and fiddling in my apps – making my self bug eyed and just a bit obsessed (again)  if you ask me ….

At least some of these are  taken and played with outside,  wandering Edinburgh getting some fresh air (lol) – anyone watching me must have thought I was doing a window or door survey ……..

And I notice I am doing a bit of painting – though still architecturally based 

And then there are those that I deleted 

Apps I love using :  

Image blender, where you can layer two images , mask , arrange and change filters

Prisma – adds arty filters to your work , my favourite is ‘Heisenberg’ – which has an image of Richard Cranston in role, as its logo ( so I get to break bad and change my art into stylised cartoons , with the press of a button) 

The filters on the iPhone camera – particularly  ‘Exposure’ ( my phone never uses the correct exposure automatically? ) and some thing called ‘black point’ which are  part of the ‘light’ menus  

Layout – inside IG which puts my pictures into nice grids 

Reflections and Image Blender 

We are doing lots of fetching and carrying this week as my family arrived in California for the son’s wedding- today my Dads flight was delayed so I played about with my reflection in a glass lift/ shiny floor at Sacremento Airport terminal A.

I walked away from the lift shaft towards the window on the other side of the building taking photos- I had to time it getting the fewest number of other people in shot 

I liked the way the floor and the lights added to the reflection and how my figure distorted. 

I wanted to overlay them to see if I could get a better feeling of time and space 

This one lost the sense of the figure – I layered it with the largest one first 

You can still see the smaller figures inside the larger one – I liked this layout much more 

Then I played with the filters – this is called ‘difference’ 

‘Plus darker’ 


A different blend using ‘hue’ 

Prisma, iPhone Apps

I am enjoying playing around with the Prisma app at the moment – I particularly like the Heisenberg filter.

I think the buttons below are a successful filtered image 

It tends it struggle with high contrast images loosing details in the shadows and it coping with really fine detail 


With the succulents below – I had to lighten the original image because the first time I filtered it the result was very dark 

I really like the ‘pencil/line’ effects – it does get a bit samey – I have really enjoyed pushing it – I think the succulent wall, my journal pages grid and the girl work particularly well. The buildings are a bit formulaic. 

However – I think it works very well when I mix it with other apps 

The succulent 

 layered with Imageblender 

Mast reflections 

Layered with  another image of water in image blender 

And then layered again with a window. 

Examples of different filters – original below 

A few more filter effects 

Messing about, mixed media and digital manipulation 

One of the things I like doing  best as a time waster and ‘a lets not do the housework/ cook dinner exercise ‘ is producing mixed media images and then manipulating them in my iPhone Apps 

My favourite go to doodling is pen and ink flowers 

I am working in a letter journal at the moment and the theme is flowers so I reproduced this image and added colour 

I used Gelatoes , babywipes and teal acrylic through a stencil – the pen ran a bit with the baby wipe 

So I needed to work ontop of it a bit more – I wasn’t really satisfied with this either 

So I edited the warmth and saturation in the iPhone photo app

I reflected the image , tried layering and fiddling with the filters in snapseed – but it wasn’t doing what I wanted 

Until I only layered part of the image and made a stronger tonal panel down the middle 

I rotated and reflected it and then zoomed in on a smaller section to get something I liked a lot more – I like the patterns the lighter sections make in contrast – it’s just a shame the resolution isn’t very good. When you manipulate to this level 

‘Feeding my demons’ 

I am trying to do an art journal therapy course on line with Shelley Klammer – you sign up and get 100 days of prompts via email. Life keeps getting in the way – I am well over the 100 days but still working only working in the 50’s 
I started again this week with day 51 – which encourages you to do an exercise called ‘Feeding your demons’ this has its roots in a Buddhist practice called Chod

Demon 1 

‘The process of feeding our demons is a method for bringing our shadow into consciousness and accessing the treasures it holds rather than repressing it.’


I have been putting off doing any art therapy – I have been going through a bad migraine and irritable bowel patch that has left me tired and unable to eat properly ( again) 

The prompt encourages you to make a shadow or demon journal. I did the exercise and found it liberating, so I did it again – this time it wasn’t as successful and felt that there was still more demons that needed working with 

I like writing stories and making up descriptions of the demons , I have an acute sense of smell and revelled in the making up of the beasties as real entities 

 For example demon 2 

this one is attached to my the back of my neck and its claws and feelers sink into my skin and then it is invisible – it lives off the adrenalin in my blood and cranks up the tension when the limbic flight or fight arises – it feeds of my anxiety too – it’s stomach has a the capacity to bloat up two or three times its size ( I am enjoying this far too much ) then it drops off – but it crawls back on to my neck when I am asleep. He is about 3″ long and he stinks – like rancid milk that has been spilt on a carpet and left to go off………

I felt the need to continue with the exercise 

This time when promoted to imagine my demon I saw a series of large distorted shadows that seemed to be controlled and created by a tiny figure – the exercise requires a meditative state and I was lying quite comfortably on the sofa under a warm duvet – when I realised that the small figure was me 

It seems so obvious that I am my own worst enemy but in my relaxed slightly unconscious state it was a shock. In the exercise you confront your demon, imagine it , ask it a series of questions and then feed it – there is an explanation of the whole process in the above link 

As this is an  art journal therapy exercise I worked on the images in my journal – I didn’t feel like there was enough confronting of self going on so I switched to my iPhone and used some layering and filters in Image blender. 

Added colour with gelatoes 

Layering and filters in Imageblender 


Layers in image blender and then finished in Snapseed – I felt this was nearly there but there wasn’t enough observing self going on lol 

Weeping  woman 

  My journal prompt today was to do an expressive self portrait. I have always liked Picasso’s weeping  woman. 


  I love the way the hands and the face are shown behind the handkerchief and the strong colours 


I wanted to do something that used elements of this but made it my own – I am still sad inside about my mum dying 10 years ago and more recently about my son moving to America. 

I drew a line drawing and used blue tones and  added a flat  layer of colour. I quite like the energy but it was too derivative   

      I added pieces of faces from magazines – ideas about burning bridges, travel – the mouth feels a bit like a heart in my hand  
I added the saddest face I could find – which could represent my daughter or a younger version of my self and then scribbled some more details to accentuate features and add more layers   
I had wanted to add white hair so that it looked more like mine but I couldn’t find any in my magazines. I may paint it 

I decided that I needed to manipulate it in my iPhone apps instead  

Layered with Picasso’s original in the Diana App 

Layered and manipulated in Image blender 

More Diana App – I like how these turned out more than my original – the more manipulation a and layers added seem to make it grimmer and more unhappy 


Quantum Physics/art journalling

My prompt was ‘Everything can be our teacher’ I was struggling with what imagery to use – the last few pages I have done just fell into place really easily.

I have been wanting to do something more , may be linked in with my MA work. This seemed a good opportunity .

In thinking about my journal page I was influenced by several disparate experiences and memories

I spent the afternoon teaching – it was a lovely experience- It was one to one, the interaction with the student and seeing her confidence grow was great – I enjoyed my self.

At the beginning of the month Jon and I went to a beautiful beach with a friend and photographed wave patterns on the sand – I remembered Karen Barad and her particle Physics in ‘Meeting the Universe half way ‘

I felt that my teaching and the idea of my interaction with the student felt like we were a Deluzian Assemblage – some how we intermingled during the lesson – I learnt about her and she became more confident in the skills I was imparting – it feels similar when I learn.

I found an example of wave patterns and an explanation of quantum wave/ particle theory

The image that the waves mades on the beach looked a lot like this


This is what I wrote on my Instagram post
‘I was trying to create a quantum
physics wave / particle pattern ( lol) the idea was we are fluid- interacting all the time and becoming something different by learning stuff ‘

Here are the journal pages I came up with – the first 2 are the image manipulated in my Iphone Apps




I played with the ideas a bit more in a series of doodles