Travel journal Spring / summer 2016 

When I travel I make smash journals adding ephemera and doodles from my journey- we have been very busy since May travelling to Dublin, Plymouth , London and France. 

I didn’t bring any magazines with me on holiday to France to collage with – after about 5 days I was irritated – I realise that I missed that type of switching off from the now – the soft eye choosing , the folding , ripping and cropping – I like the rhythm , the collecting the sorting , then the choosing what will go with what , what will go where in my journal pages. 

 I missed the balancing of colour, texture and space. It doesn’t matter that on a lot of pages I with attach a photograph – I have played , relaxed and chosen what goes on underneath – it is a record of where I was , what was going on around me , art exhibitions visited , maps , tickets , time of day , environment , colour.

 I have been brave in this time and removed fly stickers that appealed from walls and hoardings (of past events of course) to add a another element. They feel different to magazines and leaflets, the paper has aged in the weather , picking up a crusty layer and is brittle to fold and rip.

When I doodle mandalas and rip those up it is similar , I am add texture , another record of my time , but the patterns and and lines don’t tell you where and when , the memories are forgotten , but they are there woven in as I listened to the news, the voices in a coffee shop or Jon’s voice reading to me out loud 

At the moment I am working in a journal made by an Instagram acquaintance Lisa Stockell , she stitched vintage ephemera into the pages with red thread – I have enjoyed working around her pieces. The thread has added a different texture , the vintage text , fabric and layers add a her time , her collecting , sorting , placing on the page . I like the fact that we have both worked in it . I have added tickets and ephemera that are not fixed with glue into her pockets and sleeves.Lisa has been with me this year in Edinburgh, London , Plymouth and France.
Here are some sample  pages 


A journalling page process 

I decided to write in a bit more detail about one of my journalling pages from my last post. 

This was produced in response to a journalling prompt from Shelley Klammer based around the ideas of enjoying the little things 

We had to only work from one magazine and choose things that we liked or appealed to us. I worked very quickly – this probably took about 20 mins. Scanning through magazines and cutting out images and text is a thing I do – I didn’t enjoy being restricted to one magazine – but I like what I chose and the end result 


I chose images that appealed to me for various reasons: 

1) top right – Game of thrones 

2) bottom left Bowie died recently – so there are images of him everywhere, I liked the direct ness of his gaze and his Aladdin Sane make up 

3)  The pattern and colours used in the comic , ( top left) even though I didn’t really appreciate the subject matter 

4) The technique of the child drawing mid: top right 

5) The pose the man from The 1975 

6) I chose the text because either because liked the font or lettering style or the words 

7) ‘Things we like ‘ fulfiled both thesubject matter and I liked the font and the colours

I started by layering the larger images onto the page – then it is  a case of balance and form – 

I work quite quickly and cover each layer with glue as well as sticking the first layer down- I use a diluted cheap PVA . 

Working in this way means that the paper doesn’t buckle so much and the layers don’t peel off as easily – also cheap PVA dries Matt and you can draw and paint in a variety of pens and pencils afterwards 

When I talk about balance and form – I always like to have small , medium and large elements in a picture, and a sense of some foreground, medium ground and background 

So the man from 1975 is infront of the boy looking out of the window and the text ‘list for life ‘, but behind the ‘Radar ‘ and ‘Gobsmacked’ 

I should divide my page up into 3rds according to the ‘Golden Rules’ but there is no ‘should’ in art journalling so I regularly find I divide the page almost but not quite equally 

Bowie’s eyes seem to focus the bottom left section and allow everything else to float about a bit – I think that’s another reason I chose to put the ‘things we like ‘lettering at the top because it looks like bubbles floating 

I work very fast – this took about 20 mins from start to finish- I become completely absorbed and don’t really analyse the process as I do it. 

I didn’t lay the images out before glueing or really think about what I was doing at the time – all the analysis happened  after I had finished just to explain to you