Before the performance- War Horse

I wrote this in January in anticipation of having a new blog on my phone. I am checking through my notes and adding posts as I find them. We went to see War horse in Edinburgh for my Christmas present. This was the first time I thought about doing my architectural motif mandalas

‘I am In the dress circle, excited by the motifs and decoration on the ceiling, the chairs, pillars
‘oh no I feel a new project coming on, architectural motif mandalas’ all I said to Jon was’ look at all the patterns ‘ and then ‘oh No ‘ and he started chuckling,
Why do I notice all the small things? when I have been ill in the past, I can feel visually overwhelmed, shopping and walking around shops , the stimuli and colour and text tooo much , One of Deb’s challenges for this year is to notice the small things in life, sometimes I would like to turn that facility off lol!

Texture and pattern, red velvet, leather and studs on the seats, a spotty shirt a grey sparky fluff jumper, pearls, hexagonal ceiling lights, pink red stained glass lamp shades, the sweep of the circle, the bleak stage set odd of coiffed fair, and sparkly bits on show
Every pillar top is carved and guilded, Grecian twirls circles, leaves
Laurel wreaths adorn the arches’