Step by step sunflower

So I decided show a step by step of one of my sunflowers

Materials : fabric bag dyed navy blue 41*41cm

.Aunt Lydia’s crotchet thread : Mexicana. Second hand poly cotton for the centre of the flower (14cm circle cut two.)

Red linen for petals (cut 18)

Yellow fabric for details.

Red variageted  thread (I used second hand, but anchor do a similar one called Coton Pearle),

Yellow thread for accents and to attach yellow fabric. Purple variegated thread to add depth to the petals.

Quilting pins to initially attach everything to the bag

I have been sewing mandalas using Aunt Lydia’s Crotchet thread. I use 2 layers of fabric and source dense patterns on second hand fabric – I start in the middle and work outwards sewing in a variety of different stitches. I don’t use the same stitches on any of the mandalas.


I cut out 18 red petals making them the same height as the centre diameter- though a section is tucked under the centre.  Secure in place using running stitch around the edges, including the centre.



I added yellow accents in scraps of yellow fabric and stitched that in place with running stitch


Add running stitch close together in variegated red thread to add tone and texture to each petal

I decided to add some variegated purple to the petals to add depth. I also decided to add some anthers in yellow with purple outlines. These details haven’t been added all the way round the centre.



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