Layering with the imageblenderapp

I started manipulating images when I first got an iPhone. I found it much easier than photoshop but the resolution isn’t great. I got a bit bored after a while – but occasionally I still play. Particularly on journeys when I don’t feel like drawing

I have found layering my boroinspired stitching with images of where I am particularly fun of late.

The trees are particularly fab in the spring sunshine in Edinburgh

Some I made the other month in Southampton when I was dog sitting Maisie

I start off with a photo I like – it has to have a strong contrast

Tree shadows in Edinburgh

Something I am working on – a grey boroinspired patch

Then I layer the two together in image blender

Fiddle with the

Blend mode

Save to pictures and fiddle with the editing

If I decide I want colour or just more – I might layer it with another picture etc or change another aspect of the edit

I might use the Layout App to make a pattern one of the things I like the most – is that I never quite know what’s going to happen


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