Quilt number 6

I am making my 6th boroinspired quilt. I started off just using blue and white thread on my denim patches. However one evening I decided to start stitching orange thread onto the patches after I had attached them to a preloved cot quilt.

I am adding my sashiko experiments on to this quilt. I think I needed to break up the sashiko patterns.

I have also discovered that I like doing lines of small circles – not quite sure what’s going on – I noted that I am watching comedy rather than scary thrillers whilst stitching. I must keep an eye on what happens when I watch another thriller – it may just be another phase I am going through …..


3 thoughts on “Quilt number 6

  1. I like the straight lines going out from the centre to make the circle. I don’t think I’ve done that yet, must try it. 👍

  2. Oh, hadn’t thought of that. Have you got any erasable pens? There is a white one for sashiko but it can leave a mark. Also Frixion pens iron off but still a bit difficult on dark fabric. Sometimes I don’t care if there is are few little marks, most people won’t see them and I’m not one of those purists who think they will damage the fabric 100 years from now!

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