Posterior vitreous detachment- PVD – Myodesopsia – (trying to represent what’s going on in my head at the moment)

On holiday in Portugal recently I started getting visual distortions. Flashing, strange floaty shapes and some lines like a window that went away when I closed my eyes.

I get a visual aura before my migraines but these didn’t develope into pins and needles or a headache.

I have had an eye test and and learnt that it is PVD. This usually happens with age. According to my optometrist at Spec Savers people with visual auras/ migraines have more problems too.

There is lots of good information out there about this and if you get sudden floaters or flashes you should see a doctor ASAP

As an artist I was interested in seeing what sort of representations there were around of this condition which is annoying but should settlement down in a couple of months.

This is a good images of what a floater looks like for me now – they are irritating because if you try and look at them directly they swim off to the side of your vision.

In the beginning it was much more intense and wriggly like a brown worm with a fluorescent edge. They are called Myodesopsia- I love learning new vocabulary (lol)

There don’t seem to be many images of flashes that look like mine. There is talk of similarities with fire works and lightning but nothing really like I experienced

I have been trying to make some images of the wiggly worm electronically without much success

The sparkler trail isn’t bad but the edge is too violent

I have given up on the worm for a bit. Here is a what looked like a silhouette of a man sitting – it’s not quite correct but it followed me around for a bit after the worm disappeared

Earlier there was some weird upside down windows in both eyes that flashed occasionally

As the disturbances have settled down over the week. The weird shapes have morphed in to circular flashes in both eyes but they appear as one

Luckily it’s not there all the time and just appears instantaneously

However, every time I go out into the sun/ dark/shade other shapes and lights get picked up and added – thank fully not lasting as long as the wiggly worm, the man or the windows.

Been playing a bit more after a walk outside – flashes have a bit more glare and flare than the top pic ( lol)


2 thoughts on “Posterior vitreous detachment- PVD – Myodesopsia – (trying to represent what’s going on in my head at the moment)

  1. Oh wow, GF, I had this too! Fortunately, my husband who’s 6 years older had it before I did so I knew what it was. It sounds so strange but yes, it happens to many of us as we age. I also went to the eye doc and he said the flashing in the dark should go away soon too but I still have that even though it’s been more than a year. I also found that I can’t drive at night as comfortably as before. Very strange! Wishing you good luck with this dear Tess!

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