Leuven 2018

I am back in Leuven for a few days whilst Jon attends the 2nd European Congress of Qualitative inquiry.

Last year I had to buy gloves with fingers because it was sooooo cold. I checked the outlook for the next few days in Belgium and it said simillar to Scotland. I refused to believe it was colder, I have been wearing fingerless gloves at home …… and I forgot my hat!!! New gloves and hat made.

We are staying in hotel Naamestraat this year because Jon is running a workshop at the conference. We are much more in the centre of town – it’s 5mins walk to the ‘Groot Mark’ rather than 20.

The view from the window is lots of modern architecture and part of an old church yard – which I think belongs to St Joesph’s church.

Trying to find the exact location of the Crypt I stumbled upon a ‘ Klein Stadspark’ which I think must mean small park. There were lots of interesting sculptures to attract wildlife and bird hides for children made of willow

There was also a very pollarded tree that caught my eye because it was so distorted and knobbly . It made a striking silhouette

I visited the tourist board to collect maps and information about museums and galleries. I picked up a leaflet about an art installation in a park where 20 artists had been asked to decorate electrical boxes. The information told me that the installation was in Stadspark which means – city park. It took me about 20mins on Google with Maps to work out which park. Initially I thought it was a 30min drive away. However the boxes are situated at ‘ Saint Donatuspark’. Which is only 5 mins from the hotel.

The paintings have been in the park for 3 years. Some are a bit small and covered in mud but I was pleased that I made the effort.

The first box has a poster to give you a bit more information about each artist.

There are two larger images painted on walls

The boxes are attached to brick walls around the park. An interesting array of the backs of houses can be seen over the walls. One artist painted a series of images on very small boxes. Some don’t exist any more so I haven’t got the whole set


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