Paper shrines / origami 

I am doing some work about ancestors and family at the moment – I posted some pictures on Instagram of a papershrine pattern that Ideveloped  from a basic folded box.  Some people asked about instructions 

I used a basic origami box and lid found at the link below and suggest if you don’t know how to make these practice a few times before you try my shrine

Because you make a hole in the lid – you need the base for strength

Here are some of my samples 

You need two squares one 21cm x21cm and 19cm x19cm. In the larger square, the lid,   draw a square 1cm smaller than the central folded shape and cut it out. 

Then cut down the folds as shown below

Make the lid as you would normally up to the stage as shown below. 

Fold the top cut edge into a triangle ,to make a point ( the roof)

Trim the corners of the sides that make the top side of the box , fold and glue together

Below is what it looks like when you turn it around 

Make the base as normal 

I am going to decorate the paper before I cut out the hole in the lid and I recommend folding the paper a couple of times before you cut out the hole 

Here  is a decorated sample with the ‘hole paper section ‘  stuck onto the inside of base 


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