Art Journalling session 2 – making journals 

Following on from my recent introduction to art journalling – I did another session for the counsellors and in September will do one for the group workers. In this session we explored how to do art journalling / expressive art with clients. 

There was a request for me demonstrate how to make a couple of different types of journals we made an accordion  and a pamphlet stitch journal 

1) Accordion fold journal  – I couldn’t find an easy step by step illustration on the Internet so I photographed one I made – there are lots of videos on YouTube 

Accordion fold – you will EE’s   6 sheets  of paper that are  the same size, I am recycling an Edinburgh International brochure 

fold all the piece in half to make fat halves 

Take one sheet and fold again into quarters , then rip or cut into strips along the folds 

Fold the strips in half again , these are the joining strips for the other pages 

Open up a strip and apply PVA glue , thinly all over ,take one of the other sheets of paper and lie it down on the wet strip in line with the fold

Take another piece of paper and lie it down on the other remaining glue strip 

If I flip the two sheets over at this stage you can see the strip which is yellow on one side gluing the two pages together 

Repeat , glueing all the strips to the remaining sheets  to create a long thin strip 

Fold this  strip, using the folds and glued strips as a guide ,into an accordion shape.  

Make 2 thicker pieces of paper/card the same size as the fat halves and glue them to the first and the last page – this makes the journal stronger for carrying and keeps  it together.  when you have finished working  on the pages- you may want to tie it together with a ribbon or apiece of string. 

2 Pamphlet stitch

I always use a variety of papers in my journals to make ‘folios’  – the one we used today were made of Matt magazine pages, book pages ,white cartridge paper and one of my doodles. We use the metric ‘A’ system for our paper sizes in the UK – the paper was approx A4 ( 8.5″x10″) before folding. 


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