And I’ve gone off at a tangent….

Suddenly – just like that, it’s all about chimneys and architecture ……

And then – I am spending ages on my iPhone layering and fiddling in my apps – making my self bug eyed and just a bit obsessed (again)  if you ask me ….

At least some of these are  taken and played with outside,  wandering Edinburgh getting some fresh air (lol) – anyone watching me must have thought I was doing a window or door survey ……..

And I notice I am doing a bit of painting – though still architecturally based 

And then there are those that I deleted 

Apps I love using :  

Image blender, where you can layer two images , mask , arrange and change filters

Prisma – adds arty filters to your work , my favourite is ‘Heisenberg’ – which has an image of Richard Cranston in role, as its logo ( so I get to break bad and change my art into stylised cartoons , with the press of a button) 

The filters on the iPhone camera – particularly  ‘Exposure’ ( my phone never uses the correct exposure automatically? ) and some thing called ‘black point’ which are  part of the ‘light’ menus  

Layout – inside IG which puts my pictures into nice grids 


4 thoughts on “And I’ve gone off at a tangent….

  1. Love, LoVe, LOVE this!! I really appreciate your very detailed instructions!!! Please try repix – it’s insanely fun too!! I’ll do a blogpost on it soon. I am using procreate plus repix and erase to build art pieces. I took an inexpensive, but thorough, online class from Ivy Newport for iPad. Even though procreate is similar for iPad and iPhone, there are differences. I just signed up for the next class which is for iPhone too. She made several videos and shows how to use the programs. Some of it is too detailed for me, but like everything else, I’ve latched onto the things I like best! Keep it coming Tess! 🙂

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