Faber and Faber poetry 

My sister has given me her old diary – which is a Faber and Faber Poetry diary for 2015 –

I am stuck stuck at the airport far too early because I miss read my flight departure … so I am passing time making blackout poems – in the past I have been decorating them with my tight mandalas , but after this last week I wanted to scribble and make a mess again . 

 The poems are grouped in seasons so by starting in January there is lots of dark nights, lights, moons and snow to play with. The restaurant upstairs is playing endless Christmas music. 

Simon Armitage 


This ancient clock 

Thus the quarter struck 

It’s empty in here 

Chimes sing out 

Matthew Francis 

Street lamps 

There was more night 

Waiting for us 

Understand its spaces 

Veiled sisters 

With meaning 

Sentences left for the lights 

Dylan Thomas 

In my craft or sullen art 

Sullen art 

Still night 

The moon rages 

Lovers lie abed 

Their most secret heart 

These spendthrift pages

With their nightingales

Their arms 

Craft or art 

With this one I liked my brother in laws random comments at the top of the page. The comparison with grey, snow and carpet with Africa is powerful – and I love the repetition 

Mark Ford 

After Africa 



Snow falling 

Soft bougainvillea flowers 

Everyone was pale ,pale or grey , as pale grey 

Everyone was pale ,pale or grey , as pale grey 

Faded carpet 

Traffic roared outside 

A faded carpet 




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