Birmingham Library in November – 

Jon is at a meeting in Birghmingham this week so I have come down for the ride – we are staying at the Novotel in the city centre. The view from the room wasn’t very inspiring so I needed to fiddle with it in my IPhone apps 

Checking in on my location  near Brindley Place – I am minutes from the canal, the Ikon art gallery and the Birmingham library. 

The Library and Ikon don’t open til 11am –  I walked to the library – its highly decorated and new, I walked around it and inside as much as I am allowed until 11am 

 I walked through the symphony hall mall and on my 

 way spotted some nice sculpture,  and  a man made lake …. with ginkgo leaves that remind me of Korea. 

Typically sitting and drinking coffee the sun has come out 

My location today courtesy of the Ikon exhibition catalogue September- Nov 2016 

A sneak peak of the library internal architecture 

At 11am I travelled up the floors to the secret garden and Shakespeare’s Memorial room – which was a surprise after all the modern concrete . Below are an illustration in a stairwell, the lift from the main library up to the secret garden and some layers on the way up.

The secret garden and views from the top 

Shakespeare’s memorial room – the lift was out of order so I had to climb up 90steps to the garden and another 46 to the memorial lol- it was as worth the climb 


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