Collage mandala continued 

I worked on my mandala some more today – adding more layers – I didn’t like how prominent  the central mandala was 

Soo drew lots more  pairs of scissors – though I am not sure what concept this is adding – Jon’s mum once gave me a very pretty pair if embroidery scissors that belonged to someone in their family that look very like these. Most of the paper in this had been ripped , my go to method of destroying things, so there is a tension achieved by adding the scissors . I found  the scissor template and was drawn to the shape and the ease you can use it to make mandalas……..

I like the look of the piece as a small photo , but it is very large and dynamic in my living room , so I am not sure if it is liveable with – I might draw in sharpie all over it. I am vascilating between a flower mandala and one of my more recent succulents ….

I struggle with making large art, it seems so invasive, you can’t getaway from it and it can’t be put away in a drawer when it’s finished. The flat is too small to put it in another room and for get about it for a bit lol 


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