Early morning with my Apps 

I don’t know if it’s my age, menapause , or just the fact that I haven’t recovered from my California jaunt ( we have been back over a week) but I am not sleeping well and was up at 6am wide awake playing with my iPhone ( again)  I only went to bed at 1am…..

Morning routine – tea, check face book, email and Instagram feed. 

If that hasn’t put me back to sleep , then I play with my apps .  

To day it was manipulating my TV doodle from last night  – which was ridiculously intricate 

I tried reflecting it but the shape was too round and the results too flat 

I wanted to add colour without any real effort – so I layered it with another set of doodles from this week using  Imageblender and finishing it off in Snapseed

It was still only about 6.30am 

I fancied layering this with a photo with good contrast- so I checked back with some of my California pictures ( I can’t quite believe I can say that) 

Oakland bridge 

Then I couldn’t resist reflecting it 

Still too early to get up …. 

I remembered my image from Sacremento airport – Imageblender and into Prisma


And back into Reflection , using the invert colour filter , rotate and then layout in Instagram , finally  a yawn …… 


3 thoughts on “Early morning with my Apps 

  1. Tess, if it is any consolation, I love to do the same thing. I try a combination of photos and then many different variations with filters etc. I do sometimes stay up late till 1am doing this! I completely understand 😄

  2. I love your images! Glad that you shared the whole roll, it’s wonderful to see all this together! I also do my best creating late at night and don’t sleep well. I find that staying up till 1 or 2 am allows me to connect better with my friends down under, lol! I know it’s frustrating waking early and not sleeping well, but it gets your creativity all spun up beautifully! My favorite is how you colored your fabulously intricate TV doodle by blending it with a color image. I must try this. Both you and Lenna do beautiful work with the apps! I’ll post our LJ digital work today on my blog and link to your blog. I also promise to scan my new LJ pages today and post to you for you to add some lovely digital work 🙂 ~Barbara Hauenstein/Barbee

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