Continuing our stay in California before the son’s wedding – we are in Monterey for the weekend ,staying in a very cute Airbnb on Van Buren.There is an eclectic mix of great textures and details in the furnishings – which I am enjoying very much. 

The last 2 mornings we have been up and out exploring – there are a few older houses and lots of succulents again

Fisherman’s  Wharf and Cannery Row 

There had been a stranding of the little red Crustaceans on the waterline  – apparently scientists are blaming the Elninio effect – “Typically such strandings of these species in large numbers are due to warm water intrusions,” said Linsey Sala, collection manager for the Pelagic Invertebrates Collection at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Birds in the Marina 

We visited a little coffee shop near Cannery Row – ‘Bright Coffee’ only 6/10 ( on the Jonathan tasting scale)  but nice ambience and great stuff for sale- I loved the hand made bowls and jugs  

The host has left us bowls of roses – I am charting their decline


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