‘Feeding my demons’ 

I am trying to do an art journal therapy course on line with Shelley Klammer – you sign up and get 100 days of prompts via email. Life keeps getting in the way – I am well over the 100 days but still working only working in the 50’s 
I started again this week with day 51 – which encourages you to do an exercise called ‘Feeding your demons’ this has its roots in a Buddhist practice called Chod

Demon 1 

‘The process of feeding our demons is a method for bringing our shadow into consciousness and accessing the treasures it holds rather than repressing it.’


I have been putting off doing any art therapy – I have been going through a bad migraine and irritable bowel patch that has left me tired and unable to eat properly ( again) 

The prompt encourages you to make a shadow or demon journal. I did the exercise and found it liberating, so I did it again – this time it wasn’t as successful and felt that there was still more demons that needed working with 

I like writing stories and making up descriptions of the demons , I have an acute sense of smell and revelled in the making up of the beasties as real entities 

 For example demon 2 

this one is attached to my the back of my neck and its claws and feelers sink into my skin and then it is invisible – it lives off the adrenalin in my blood and cranks up the tension when the limbic flight or fight arises – it feeds of my anxiety too – it’s stomach has a the capacity to bloat up two or three times its size ( I am enjoying this far too much ) then it drops off – but it crawls back on to my neck when I am asleep. He is about 3″ long and he stinks – like rancid milk that has been spilt on a carpet and left to go off………

I felt the need to continue with the exercise 

This time when promoted to imagine my demon I saw a series of large distorted shadows that seemed to be controlled and created by a tiny figure – the exercise requires a meditative state and I was lying quite comfortably on the sofa under a warm duvet – when I realised that the small figure was me 

It seems so obvious that I am my own worst enemy but in my relaxed slightly unconscious state it was a shock. In the exercise you confront your demon, imagine it , ask it a series of questions and then feed it – there is an explanation of the whole process in the above link 

As this is an  art journal therapy exercise I worked on the images in my journal – I didn’t feel like there was enough confronting of self going on so I switched to my iPhone and used some layering and filters in Image blender. 

Added colour with gelatoes 

Layering and filters in Imageblender 


Layers in image blender and then finished in Snapseed – I felt this was nearly there but there wasn’t enough observing self going on lol 


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