Travel journal Spring / summer 2016 

When I travel I make smash journals adding ephemera and doodles from my journey- we have been very busy since May travelling to Dublin, Plymouth , London and France. 

I didn’t bring any magazines with me on holiday to France to collage with – after about 5 days I was irritated – I realise that I missed that type of switching off from the now – the soft eye choosing , the folding , ripping and cropping – I like the rhythm , the collecting the sorting , then the choosing what will go with what , what will go where in my journal pages. 

 I missed the balancing of colour, texture and space. It doesn’t matter that on a lot of pages I with attach a photograph – I have played , relaxed and chosen what goes on underneath – it is a record of where I was , what was going on around me , art exhibitions visited , maps , tickets , time of day , environment , colour.

 I have been brave in this time and removed fly stickers that appealed from walls and hoardings (of past events of course) to add a another element. They feel different to magazines and leaflets, the paper has aged in the weather , picking up a crusty layer and is brittle to fold and rip.

When I doodle mandalas and rip those up it is similar , I am add texture , another record of my time , but the patterns and and lines don’t tell you where and when , the memories are forgotten , but they are there woven in as I listened to the news, the voices in a coffee shop or Jon’s voice reading to me out loud 

At the moment I am working in a journal made by an Instagram acquaintance Lisa Stockell , she stitched vintage ephemera into the pages with red thread – I have enjoyed working around her pieces. The thread has added a different texture , the vintage text , fabric and layers add a her time , her collecting , sorting , placing on the page . I like the fact that we have both worked in it . I have added tickets and ephemera that are not fixed with glue into her pockets and sleeves.Lisa has been with me this year in Edinburgh, London , Plymouth and France.
Here are some sample  pages 


3 thoughts on “Travel journal Spring / summer 2016 

  1. Breathtaking! You have opened up a world of possibility to me in this post. I have not yet mastered the art of arting on the go. You clearly have. I love the memories woven in, peeping through and meshed with your art. It is as it should be, intertwined.

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