Digital art with my iPhone Apps in France 

I love the light and architecture in the south of France . The old buildings are so different in texture and colour to my usual environment in Edinburgh. Below are some motifs from around the village where my family has a house. 

The French house is in a small medieval village in the Aveyron. 

I find the windows and doors are great for layering in my iPhone Apps. 

I use Snapseed, Image blender and Reflection. Reflection is designed to reflect images but it has a good range of editing tools and filters. 

1. Photo through an internal window 

Manipulated in Reflection using the ‘chalk’ filter 

Layered in Imageblender with a hand sewn quilt that is also in the same room 

2.This is image is from a village nearby 

A door way near my family house 

Manipulated in Reflection again

The two images layered  in Image blender 

3. A passion fruit flower 

Manipulated in Reflection , Snapseed and Imageblender . 


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