The French house 

In the 1980’s my parents bought a shell of a house with a view. It has been renovated over the years into a place that the whole family loves. All the time the children were growing up it just had 1 bedroom with a door. Recently we bought the house next door and knocked through to create 2 more bedrooms. 

A few years ago when I was participating in an artist teachers MA,  I bought a net large curtain and carried it around with my taking pictures of it up  at different windows floating in the breeze. 

I walked into one of the new bedrooms to have an afternoon  snooze when this was happening 

The sense of dejavu was palatable – I lay down on the bed and couldn’t sleep because of the constantly changing view – when I did this project  years ago I talked about Deleuze and his haecceities – how one can be in of and part of a moment – how  the sounds, feelings, and sights all come together to make up an experience

I realised this time that the view was not enough – I can’t relay the smells , but I can let you have a feeling of the  noise and movement 

​​when I get back to Scotland 
There is a field of cows out side and that is the reason for the tinkling bells …..


I couldn’t resist layering the image 


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