I am Art Journalling aspects of self 

I have been having great fun recently using art journal therapy to explore aspects of self. I am following Shelkey Klamners 100 days of art therapy Journalling and one of the prompts suggests making collages that represents parts of your character for example inner child. I am having a whale of a time. 

1. The tell tale – this relates to the part of me that exaggerates and tells stories,white lies and writes fairytales. I love sience fiction and fantasy 

The inner child – I am not 100% sure why she is different skin tones and genders – I find it interesting that the boy has no face – my love of stories is reflected here too. 

The fine artist – I like to think that their is a fine artist in there somewhere – in this case borrowing from John Piper 

As the title says – the addictive part of me that is unable to stop eating chocolate when I start- insatiable for other things to like shopping or when I am so MA mission to find something – sometimes only to be disappointed when I do. 

The stroppy child – the teenager, the spiteful bit that knows the worst most spiteful thing to say at any given moment.

The doodler – insatiable again , always neededibg to be doing or making something , in the past it was painting plates and large oil pastels at the moment doodling 

This is my most recent one – my migraines are plaguing me and I can’t bear the over stimulation , particularly the visual . It probably should have said stimuli overload – it is also the he state I get my self in before I get a migraine – I ought to be more aware – now I have made the card and written it down, witnessing – I hope I will 

The trigger happy  part – this borders on manic me – when I first visit a new place and can’t stop looking and seeing new things. Sometimes I am overwhelmed but other so just want to be left alone to collect images and enjoy the experience 


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