30 days journaling , 9-15 

 Day 9 – revisited 
I didn’t like how samey my Day 9 ‘ making art everyday ‘ turned out so I attacked it with abrasive cleaners and then finger painted over the top! 

Day 10 – Being present – brave enough 

Was all about layering and attacking – obviously in a destructive mood still   
 Then I added text using stencils – I love working like this but there is always the threat that my dyslexia will rear its head – hence the ‘smaller’ than desired ‘path’ on the right hand page.  

Day 11- Daring to be my self – group hug 

I love bright colours and playing wth the spectrum – 2014 I had an exhibition that used lots of permanent marker pens as the main medium – I was horrified today that lots were drying out so there are a few more colourful pages coming up.

Day 12  – Difficulty as a way finding tol – how I built up my layers 

Day 13 – On fire from within – Pablo Neruda

My Mate Deb wanted more souls work and challenged me to do some finger painting – I can’t remember who produced the image of the lady – I liked the fact that you can see all her organs – the purple and red page were already in my journal , where I had smeared leftover paint onto the pages with a credit card 

Lisa sent lots of links to Pablo Neruda poems the image is an illustration for 

“As if you were on fire from within.

The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”

Day 14- Rejoicing in ordinary things – I love a cup of tea and fancied line drawings of all my favourite things – cups and saucers are a bit over done so I smeared the page with a used tense instead 
Day 15 -The art of resting  

I needed this today – my back has seized up and I needed to move and smear paint with my fingers ( again) 



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