I love building up layers when I am working in a mixed media way. I particularly like using : Art gone wild , The crafters workshop and and Creative expressions . I also use any thing that I can find that is not made to be a stencil but that has holes in – like paper diollies and table mats 


It’s all about building up layers of colour and texture – I use complimentries e.g orange and blue or light and dark versions of colours in the same spectrum e.g turquoise and purple 

I like to use magazine and old book pages as a base 

Top left I have added enough orange and yellow acrylic to spread over all three pages with a credit card   

I let the paint dry thoroughly 

And then start adding the next layer , below I used turquoise acrylic with a dry make up sponge – dab the paint on a plate until quite dry before you add to the page – less is more ! 


I like recycling – for the darker page I printed using purple acrylic and printing medium taking an image from a design I drew on a polystyrene pizza base 

I started adding the third layer with out taking a photo – third layer through a different stencil using the make sponge and the turquoise paint – I used a bit too much paint on my sponge and it blobbed a bit 

For the third layers on the other 2 pieces I used cream paint and the same stencil – I am not sure if they are finished yet …..

 Below is the finished version of the other piece 

I like to use the stencil and then finish off the page with more sections of the same stencil 

The purple makes a brown with the orange , but because it is a circle some of the orange shows through which makes it pop . 
Some different examples 

 Purple and red paint applied horizontally with a credit card 

Turquoise added through the stencil 

Purple added by printing with the polystyrene plate – then turquoise with a different stencil 

This one is purple acrylic ink sprayed through a section of plastic table cloth onto a magazine page  , then turquoise through a stencil , orange through a pice of plastic gauze( little squares effect)  , and finished off with orange through my damask stencil . 

     Last one – mucky brown and punk leftover acrylic from a class , blue through a flower stencil , orange through the gauze , white through another white damask stencil 
 I love making these papers but now what do I do with them lol! 


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