Mixed media Scott Monument 

I am teaching a mixed media workshop next week and I have done a step by step to show the class how they could incorporate some of the techniques that I use for journalling into a composition 

I like to build up layers so I have started drawing a mandala type image first 

At the top of the page I have broken down the image into the small motifs that I use – I always start in the middle and draw by turning the page as much as possible so that I am always drawing at the same angle 

I like adding layers because it adds depth to the final image and the papers react in different ways to the different paints and finishes 

I used old book pages and added a couple of small sections to my page so that you can still see the mandala 

I covered the page in Gesso so that I can layer acrylic paint thinly on top of the image 

When I made my step by step  I forgot to stick the book pages on this sheet before I Gessoed the mandala and you can see the exit  process is not quite as effective on those areas 

I added a thin layer of turquoise acrylic craft paint with a baby wipe 

I placed my stencil on top of the wet paint and then rubbed off the exposed areas with a baby wipe leaving the pattern of the stencil white 

I added two or three layers to this piece

1) I ripped thin strips of paper and added them in stripes on top of the white sections of the stencil 

2) I printed with a commercial mandala stamp in blue ink 

3) I used a hand made stamp of mine that I cut from erasers to add trees in green pigment ink 

Final piece – shame I didn’t stick it onto the page straight !!!! 

1) I drew the Scott monument and the buildings to the left on the inside of a security envelope and added line details – I stuck them onto the background 

2) I used several smaller versions of the monument that I have cut into erasers to add tone to my Monument 

3) I drew into , added collage and paint to my shops on the left 

4) I added a thin layer of white gesso to the sky so that it is lighter near the horizon 

5) I added the ticket booth and drew  tree skeletons in pen 

6) I highlighed Scott in white gesso 

7) I added w layer of white gesso to the shops and finished in black pen to knock them into the background 

This page shows the stamps that I used the design 

I added the trees in pigment ink – which ran when I added gesso onto the final background 

I need to get a green permanent ink pad 

Practicing Scott Monument 


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