More overdrawing 

One of my contacts on Instagram suggested that I try doing my overdrawing exercise using colour. I haven’t been able to stop  

For the first one I used the rainbow colours as layers but found that the violet didn’t overwrite the indigo/ blue enough so I played a bit more 

 This is the first one played with a bit more 
  Below is the blue as the last colour which is more successful coverage wise – and one that is less random in design deliberately 
I couldn’t decide if I like the doodle with a cross hatched background in blue or not – so I had to do another one to find out  – I added more coloured doodles into the top one after finishing the blue layer – it’s nice finding new ways of using up my stash of pens . 
  I decided to have a go at adding some colour onto an earlier doodle of a face I called spirit of Autumn – bit whimsical and her eyes are a bit far apart 



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