Graphic Novel Techniques 

I grew up enjoying reading comics and always appreciated the format – how the page could be divided to create the impression of action , the cropping of images and speech bubbles 

Recently at the Mancheter Metrapolitan University Summer Insitiute of Qualatititve inquiry ( I saw a seminar by Linda Knight who was researching how the graphic novel could be used as a research method ( more info can be found on her blog 

I have tried a couple of times before to do a comic strip , but wasn’t happy with the techniques I was using (Doing art everyday for 2 years has its plus points). I had a stinking migraine the other week and felt inspired to do some image making based around this experience and my irritable bowel – the two are linked in my head 

I have used – fine liner, grey felt pen and my go to blackmail letter type lettering 

Number 1 is Irritable bowel   
I have tried to inject an element of humour. I struggle with cartoon figures so I have borrowed heavily from Picasso – I am not really sure my IBS ought to be talked about on the same page as Guernica but I do like those figures writhing around in the stomach 

Number 2 Hemiplegic Migraines 

I am well at the moment , my really bad migraines seem to be under control with drugs and not teaching at school. This is technique and way of working is  fun . I am going to have to play some more 


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