Intuitive art 

I was working with my friend Deb recently trying to reproduce some Flora Bowley intuitive art. I was given some Magic ink for my birthday ( acrylic ink) and I had been wondering how to use them. Flora Bowley produces large colourful semi abstract pieces you can see her work at

We started small building up layers, using acrylic paint and ink. I love the first 3 or 4 layers but find it hard to see shapes to work to develop the work further. 

I  bought Flora’s art journal ‘  Brave Intuitive Painting: A Journal For Living Creatively’ – which is a collection of  finished art work – examples of motifs and pages with prompts for you to work on. I  thought it might help me see more shapes in my work 

Below is a step by step and my initial piece with some shapes drawn into it 


I am loving the technique and have produced lots of versions – but I am still struggling to see shapes . I made a version with another friend – and she managed to see a tree. However I over worked it and ended up doodling on it- I am not sure if it is finished yet.  

 This is the example with the tree 

Bringing out the shapes using pale acrylic  
Overworked and resorting to doodling

I suppose the idea is to take the process and make it your own – I will keep going because I am learning so much.

More trees


Graphic Novel Techniques 

I grew up enjoying reading comics and always appreciated the format – how the page could be divided to create the impression of action , the cropping of images and speech bubbles 

Recently at the Mancheter Metrapolitan University Summer Insitiute of Qualatititve inquiry ( I saw a seminar by Linda Knight who was researching how the graphic novel could be used as a research method ( more info can be found on her blog 

I have tried a couple of times before to do a comic strip , but wasn’t happy with the techniques I was using (Doing art everyday for 2 years has its plus points). I had a stinking migraine the other week and felt inspired to do some image making based around this experience and my irritable bowel – the two are linked in my head 

I have used – fine liner, grey felt pen and my go to blackmail letter type lettering 

Number 1 is Irritable bowel   
I have tried to inject an element of humour. I struggle with cartoon figures so I have borrowed heavily from Picasso – I am not really sure my IBS ought to be talked about on the same page as Guernica but I do like those figures writhing around in the stomach 

Number 2 Hemiplegic Migraines 

I am well at the moment , my really bad migraines seem to be under control with drugs and not teaching at school. This is technique and way of working is  fun . I am going to have to play some more 


I have been developing collage techniques over the summer. They have morphed into layers of strips of magazine pages/ words and images. I began working like this because I didn’t have any acrylic paint with me on holiday . I am enjoying the way the layers disrupt the surface and meaning of what you look at.  I have been experimenting with adding texture with  doodles, mono printing and  book pages


Since returning from holiday – I have developed the technique further adding Strips at different angles and creating images that almost recreate my migraine aura – this last bit occoured accidentally   
 I have also tried working on a larger scale. I am pleased with the image below – it reminds me of my window onto the street – the Edwardian window frames – the railings and houses beyond all dissecting the view and the light – this is 2.5’x3.5′

 I also tried an even bigger canvas 40″x50″ it’s funny this one was fine when it was lying flat – but I haven’t put the strips on straight and my varifocal lens seem to be playing tricks on me – I can’t look at the canvas with out getting irritated so I am storing it on its side. I have included some process photos below 

I have brought the stripes into mixed media work too- here is a piece I just finished whilst working with Debbie Howard in Oxfordshire