Art journalling and altered books 

Since moving up to Edinbugh in 2013   I have been art making everyday . I have written before that I started Art journalling in January., but I havn’t shown you the explosion of activity that this has unleashed. 

I have always collected ephemera and visited second hand/ charity/ thrift shops on a weekly basis. Now I look for books , vintage papers , magazines and music paper at bargain prices. 

Why pay  £6 for a new A5 cartridge paper sketch book when you can get a cheap hard back for 50p ? Granted it takes time and effort to alter it but what else am I going to do in front of the TV in the evenings? 

Printed pages 


Collaged pages for journalling – inside a book 

altered books ready to work in 


The documented Life Journal set up by 

Is a fab source of ideasf or prompts about what to put into your book. They have free videos , step by step instructions and featured artists. I started last year and built up a reference library of ideas and samples of my work over the year. This years he focus is on journalling techniques like. gelli printing and ink. Below are some sample abstract pages I made up recently 

 Inks and stencils   
Shaving foam marvelling 


Gelli  prints 


Sample pages from 2015 

Front Cover  

Acrylics  sample  

Mixed media pages   



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