Mixed media teaching session 

I am teaching next week . I borrowed a page from Debbie Howard’s ‘soulsseedsessions’  workshop that I do every Wednesday .  Below is my version of ‘Make time to sit in nature’ 

 Here is a list of instructions and some images which show my process

 1) Cover page in gesso allow to dry in the version below I used a book page. 

2) Add pale sky turquoise to the top half of the paper 
3) Smoosh down the page with a baby wipe past the horizon getting lighter down the page 
4) add a blue grey with a baby wipe smoosh in bands down towards the horizon
5) Add white with a baby wipe up towards the top 1/3 of the page blend so that the sky is lighter at the horizon 
6) Paint muddy brown green across bottom 1/3 of page ( Orange and Green mix) 
7) before it dries place stencil on top and rub with a baby wipe, keep moving and removing paint until desired affect is achieved 
8) Smoosh the brown/ green up to the horizon and around the edges of the page 
9) Allow to dry thoroughly 
10) if you have tree stamps you could stamp trees/ bushes on the back ground – using larger trees as you come towards the bottom half of the page to create depth – or draw trees in with pen 
11) add a fence on the horizon 
12) Glue  cut out sofa/ chair in the middle ground / add shadow ( I stuck the sofa on the wrong picture (WAAGH) with a graphite block and around the outline to make it pop- you could use  water soluble colouring pencil or crayon 
13) Add some of brown/ Green to tree trunks  with a brush 
14  ) Add leaves to tree using stamps/ sponge make the leaves in the foreground darker than on the trees in the background to emphasise the 3D effects 


I over worked the chair a bit and because it was a photocopy the image ran  and I  think I need to knock the trees in the back ground backwith gesso


Hmmm still not happy with it and it wasn’t mixed media enough so I started again adding  some mad doodling stuff and redid the sofa in printed papers 


Equipment  and materials 

PVA, glue stick , scissors , 0.5 permanent pen, hole punch , medium hole punch , paint brush, white sharpie paint pen,selection of  preprinted papers, circular stencil , turquoise, green, orange, white acrylic paint , gesso, credit card, baby wipes 


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