Let it go 

I know that this is an over used phrase at the moment but it is apt . I have lots of things going around on my head and it is affecting my IBS 

I decided to do a spread in my journal based on the word ‘release’ – I couldn’t resist adding ‘welease woderick ‘ which is a Monty Python quote that is bandied about my house quite a lot …. It helped lighten the mood , well that’s my excuse anyway 

I drew a prehistoric Venus on a page that was all ready covered in blue acrylic and gold stamps. Then I wrote down everything that has been bugging me and overwrote it so that it is mostly  illegible. It adds depth to the background ( well that’s what I tell my self anyway) 

I have always liked the Venus statues and identify with the way the weight of her stomach pulls down her skin.( The boobs are beyond my imagination) 

I looked up lots of different phrases and synonyms for release- (because my IBS is playing up) I I made the words radiate from her stomach – using my stash of blackmail letters 

To emphasise the ‘release’ I doodled waves of lines radiating from her stomach in pen and then scribbled graphite and watersoluble crayon to add tone 



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