Surviving the elements – The documented life journal 2015 

This week the prompt was surviving the elements. Since I moved to Edinburgh my hair has got shorter and shorter because I couldn’t standby hair whipping around my face and in my eyes .I wanted to do smithing with a wet and windy feel 

I was influenced by Robin Meads spread on the DLP website

  I drew flower doodles all over the page ( not that you can see very many of them in the finished piece )

Then I covered the pages with Gesso , blue acrylics , my own feather stamps and a doily stamp – I used blue and bronze Stazone ink 

The top layer of feathers are hand drawn or my stamp on security envelopes. 

I added the text using my ransom note letters cut from magazines .

 I added the feeling of wind using a water soluble Stabillo pencil in great big swoops above and below the letters 

The feathers felt like they needed anchoring so I covered the bases in a lace stamp and more stabillo scribbles 


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