The documented life journal 2015 – use at least 5 layers / Feb28th 

I am doing the arttothe5th documented life journal again this year. The prompt was ‘high 5’ and we had to use 5 layers- I miss read the prompt …… I prepared 3 circles to use as compass roses. 

Here are my first 3 layers 


2. Grey Dylusions spray ( wiped off with a baby wipe because I always forget how dark it is ) 

3) Pink ink sprayed through a large alphabet stencil 

The overal effect was a bit grungy so I added strips of paper that I used to wipe my lettering stencil 

I wanted to add some compass roses about travel and family – the pink didn’t really go with these so I added a layer of red acrylic with a credit card 

I added my compass roses – 3 more layers and then was stuck with how to add the title ‘give me a high five ‘ it is a bit literal but I added a hand print 

So the title now is ‘my destination is in my hand ‘ lol! 


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