Greenwhich and family 

we visited London for a long weekend – family stuff needed doing . We stayed across the road from my brother in an airbnb apartment in Deptford. 

My daughter was moving out of the brothers into a room in Greenwich which is all location location location about 2 mins from the maritime museum, the river and Greenwich park. 

Sometimes when I visit family I get all disorientated. Deb used a compass as the motif for our skype art session last week and I have been unable to stop doodling compass roses. I don’t know if it was because we were travelling but lots of well used phrases kept popping up ion my head like ‘feeling lost at sea’ ‘ I need to realign my inner compass’ ‘I feel lost’ 

It was poignant being with my neice she sat on my knees her soft hair in my face and her weight on my lap made me want to hold on and not let go.

 My son has been in South Korea and Vietnam for 3 years now has fallen in love with an American girl and may go and live in the US 

My friends Dad died, it is 9 years since I lost my Mum and it is Mother’s Day soon. There is a constant reminder in the shop windows as I walk past. 

My response to Deb’s prompt 

Doodling compass roses

My journal page 


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