Collaborative art

Wednesday 11th Feb

One of the things I have enjoyed the last 18 months is collaborating on art projects ‘jams’ in Instagram parlance . Where 3 or 4 people work on one or a series of pieces – normally ATCs or postcards. These travel and then one comes back to you when they are all finished.

I received an ATC back from a friend today – I was the jam – I.e I worked on the second layer and then she finished the card. One of the things I like is that you never know what is going to come back!


Dagmar and I decided that we would like to work on some collaborative art together. A conversation with her a couple of weeks ago sparked all my soul searching journalling . So I was excited that we would be communicating in a

Dagmar brought some MDF boards to my house to work on . We decided to work in layers swapping the boards after random amount time had passed and we felt it was appropriate to swap.

Dagmar mentioned that she liked to work in a monochromatic way with acrylic. I have been working quite graphically recently but was happy to try anything

We added a surface of white Gesso to seal the boards with a credit card – below I have written down the techniques we used , they are not necessarily in the correct order. I have labelled the boards A and B .

When I worked I was thinking about texture, the surface , the words I was thinking about whilst working – assemblage and other.

We talked about the process, our daughters, their respective job hunting , made tea, talked about our day so far , a conference in Manchester – what we liked about the work , how we enjoyed the experience of working together . We are friends already but it was a new experience

A- torn pieces of security envelopes applied and glued with Modge Podge
Then another layer of white gesso

B – scumbled white acrylic

A- white acrylic /pencil

B – large magazine letters and some torn security envelopes – white gesso

A- credit card gesso – pencil – small magazine layers – gesso

B- White blue black acrylic – scumbled credit card / scraped / drawn into

A- pink and orange music paper – blue and white acrylic pencil

B pink and orange music paper , blue black White acrylic pencil scraping and washing back

Looking at the pieces after 3hrs – we decided to work on them another session- there are no rules, nothing on the boards is sacred and can be worked over

Monday 16th Feb
I have been completely obsessed with drawing my particle physics circle patterns – the boards have been put away in my kitchen between some art equipment in the dark – it felt like they were whispering and chatting to each other – I had an itch to draw my pattern all over them.

As she left on Wednesday Dagmar had suggested that I could work on the boards Inbetween out sessions if I liked – initially I said no – but the itch to doodle all over them would not go away

Below are the stages of the boards we produced on Wednesday as with all good intentions we don’t seem to have produced the same amount of photos for each piece- below that is a grid of close ups of parts of the work




This is what they look like now




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