Windows and more Thresholds

I decided that I was not quite up to the effort required to totally get better with my IBS- I feel that journalling is helping me explore all sorts of stuff that has been simmering away under the surface- I needed to stand back and take stock – so I added some windows over the top of my IBS pictures, I am looking in


I had such fun drawing the windows – I did some more as stickers and then layered Washi tape and ink over the top


I woke up this morning singing Dusty Springfield’s version of ‘the windmills of my mind’ – though I was singing. ‘The windows of my mind’ I found another song by Beth Hart called ‘Thru the windows of my mind’ but it was the Dusty version that ‘jangled in my head’ and the ‘fragment ‘ went round and round refusing to be put down . ( Alan Berman and Martha Berman Lyrics 1968)

I also liked line ‘the ripples from a pebble someone tossed in a steam’ which is apt because of my particle wave doodles I keep adding to doodles at the moment

Back to the window drawings
I drew 9 designs and photocopied them reducing the size each time.

I cut one design out , making the windows open like a door – with a smaller version inside 4 times and stuck them on top of the Windmill lyrics.

I am enjoying working in 3D


I am trying to work on a coloured design – I need to draw and colour in on the back of the window flaps for it to really work. Here is WIP that I have used in my documented life journal for Feb 2015



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