Starting to art journal

I have been making art with Debbie Howard for a few years now – we have tried doing lots of different techniques and ways of working. We have supported each other through a BA and an MA and had a lot of fun on the way. since moving to Edinburgh we have been Skyping and doing art sparodically . I spent 4 days recently journalling – it was such fun Debs introduced me to Lisa Sonora and Orly Avineri – and I had a go at making some pages .







I forgot how much I like making a Mess -gluing and sticking and learning new techniques.

I have had a go at a couple more pages since I got home. I have a thing about circles – energy – whirling going on that I need to be reflexive about – and I seem to have become even more messy – the thinking taking over from my sense of design and the discipline of my doodling – lol!



There is also something happening about – layering meaning as well as image – so I am writing about ideas and thoughts exposed by the title or prompt and then hiding these – either by writing or painting over the top so that the meaning is obscured- the texture and the sense of words on a page still show through but they are semi illegible or obliterated


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