More Home stuff

I like the idea of putting down roots. In Edinburgh, I was planting stuff in the patio area at the front of the house. l like being able to see green things instead of just wall, outside the window. I decided on ferns and palms, for reduced work load. I bought loads of stuff on discount and mixed and matched in tubs, window boxes and cracks in the walls. I needed to get things that were familiar. Out side the front door in Abingdon there has been a profusion of low lying purple bells with lime green leaves, I wanted to see if I could repeat the effect. I wanted lavender, rosemary, oregano, mint and chives, I don’t know if they will cope with the climate. I enjoyed the feel of the soil and breaking up the root balls was therapeutic. It wrecked my hands and I am still picking dirt out from under my nails 3 or 4 days later.
I find myself worrying slightly that the fragile connections and relationships that I have made in the last year, could easily be damaged or broken, but the plant will be stronger for it .




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