Making jam

Mum always made home made jam. When I make it I always remember a school primer that fascinated me with the story of a woman making jam, with rows of sterilised jars and the’ plip plop, plip plop ‘ sound of the jam as it went into the jars ….

I love making jam and pickles, (I hate the washing up) I have made it in lots of kitchens, on lots of stoves over the years. I think my Edinburgh kitchen is my favourite place to make it.

We have an extractor fan, and this morning it felt light and airy. I felt like a witch or wise woman measuring, stirring , tasting, throwing in ingredients, it was a friends birthday and she loves my pickle.

Jon seems to dislike saving jars and Holly hates it when I make it because the vinegar seems to permeate everything and the house ‘stinks’

I wrote this a while ago and remembered that I hadn’t posted it. It was part of me thinking about Home. Today I made strawberry jam which is my favourite.


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