Judith, Lily and Me

A friend in Edinburgh has commissioned some art work from me. Her Mum used to collect antiques – particularly pottery. I walked around her home taking photos of motifs that could be used to make mandalas or similar art. Her flat is full of colour and texture and was very inspiring. Her garden was in full flower- Judith told me it had never been so beautiful as it is this summer





le Moal and Manissier

I Went to the Millau museum today which has a good glove and historic section. I wanted to look at 2 abstract painters advertised – I loved the colour, the light and movement evoked by Manessier , there were several large canvasses and a film, I liked the tone of his voice and the images of a boat travelling down a river/ canal though I couldn’t understand his French , very impressionist with echos of Monet and the Seine near Givermy. Jon read that he was very religious and this was also supported by the sound track

I was less taken by Maol these were very messy, great colours again but less form and some of them took years to finish, the paint was thick and layered. The one that had the most resonance for me was called autumn