London College of Communication BA photography 2014

Been to see my daughters degree show, there was a fab selection of stuff. She was doing ‘photography’, but there was all sorts of formats, from collections of portraits, video, multiple screens, photos printed on different surfaces and set in latex ,

I particularly liked a mother and daughter series, where the daughter had recreated some old pictures of her mother using herself as a model and created new ones where they were dressed in the same clothes in the same location. I don’t know if it is because my daughter is the same age but it was really evocative for me ( Hannah Burton-Mary)

Another set of images I liked were about the narrative of a homeless person who came to London and where he lived in a derelict council flat. The pictures were different sizes and set in latex blocks. Other images were of doors, windows and walks, they were ripped and layered and coloured in dead yellows, greys and blacks. There was echoes of standing stones and an ethereal quality that was belied by the subject matter. ( Zoe Ayre- a growing concern )


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